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Generating QR Codes from Outlook (Windows)

QR Coder 2010 is a much needed add-in allows you to generate QR codes directly from Outlook with a couple of clicks. No need to cut and paste your information into a webpage, it can extract all your details without you needing to hit the keyboard.

Simply download from here and install:


(Note that it requires .NET 4.0 and insists on installing it – even if you already have it installed on your PC. It also requires an internet connection as it uses google to generate the QR Code)

Now, when you view a contact card, you have a new button under the add-ins menu (and it is only active when the contact card is open, not just selected)

Clicking it brings up a rather cryptic dialogue box. Basically, if you choose ‘yes’, it will use the Business address. If you choose ‘No’, it will choose the Home a address instead (unless the Home address is blank, then it will use the Business address).

After you make your selection, the QR Code appears, with the option to paste to the clipboard, or to save as a file (bmp/gif/jpg/png)

One important factor to be aware of is that it saves the contacts in the MECARD format, which as discussed elsewhere, can only hold an abbreviated version of a .vcf – the sort of details that you would get from a paper business card, or that you are likely to need for your smartphone.

The software has a version 1.0 feel to it – it could definitely be a little slicker – the only way to see what information is actually in the generated QR Code is to decode it with your phone, or a PC-based decoder, or uploading it to a website-based decoder – none of which are ideal. Still, as it is free for personal use (and only USD2.00 for business), it seems a bit petty to complain.

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