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Codee Software: QR Code landing pages and stickers

Codee Software announced the release of a first of its kind QR code product for consumers. Codee Interactive adds a new dimension to the exciting world of Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and other popular web sites by providing physical links to the web via scannable QR codes owned by the consumer.

Signing up (and paying USD29.95 per year), gives the user a customisable landing page, with the usual links to Twitter, Facebook etc.  It also allows the user to chose an automatic action for the scanner – running a YouTube video, ‘Liking’ a facebook or even dialling a phone number or sending an SMS text. The range of options and customisability sets it apart from other options.

This wins a ‘why isn’t anyone else doing this’ award, as after paying your subscription, you will receive  47 vinyl stickers with your Codee QR Code on them.  This is a very clever idea – after all, what is the point of having your own QR Code to share with others, if it is a hassle to share the code? Instead of the having to print out your QR Code (always more fiddly than it should be), then cut them to size, then work out how to make them adhesive and then apply some protective lamination, you can simply peel and stick.

The Codee website is fun and ‘cool’ and will appeal to the type of person that would most likely use this type of service.






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