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Software for Android: Barcode Scanner

The most common software that you will find recommended for scanning QR Codes with your Android phone is Barcode Scanner. It was on the market early, it’s free and it is easy to use.

But is it the best?

The short answer is ‘perhaps not’. However, If you want something that will simply scan QR Codes and let you generate them, then it works fine and should be near the top of your list.

To use it is very simple: press the application icon and it takes you straight to a camera screen. Wave a QR Code in front of it and after about a second, it scans it and brings up a preview screen, showing the contents of the QR Code. You then have the option of opening up the link in the browser, or sharing the contents (ignore the brown streaks, the screenshot software put them in)

Notice that it is in landscape format. There’s no way to change that and it is a bit annoying as the buttons are inconveniently place if you are only using one hand. you need a very long right thumb to hit the ‘Settings’ button:

You can share a bookmark or a contact card via the menu in the application, or by hitting ‘share’ when you are viewing the contact itself and selecting ‘Barcode Scanner’ as your choice.

Here is a barcode generated for sharing the Barcode Scanner app (you can use this to download from the Android market if you wish)

Here is a contact card. It creates a card in the MECARD format, which includes name, email address, all the telephone numbers, address and website. However, all 4 numbers (home, office, mobile, fax) are just listed as ‘telephone’ – which may be a bit confusing.

If you wish, you can email this barcode and it will send it as a .png graphic file.


Simple, small, free

Handles the basics


A bit basic. You can have it beep and/or vibrate on a successful scan, but you can’t change the sound from anything other than the supermarket-style BEEP!

You cannot edit the barcode details before it is generated

Sharing a contact from within the app only allows you to select contacts that you have stored in Google Mail.  If they aren’t syncd there, then they are not visible. However, you can select them by going through the Contacts menu and sharing them from there.

The interface is a little dull.

Conclusion. If you only want to read and generate QR Codes occasionally, this is perfectly fine for you. It will do 90% of what anyone would want to do without fuss or excitement

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