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Creating QR Codes on the web

So, hopefully I have given you some interest in playing with QR Codes. The good news is that is is very, very easy to create one and there are many online tools that are both free and simple to use.

Here are a few recommendations to try:


This is about as simple as it could possibly be: type in some text, press the button and you have a QR Code. That’s it. No more, no less.



A highly recommended site that is simple to use, yet with lots of powerful options that are easy to change and to test, including different sizes, colours, encoding, error correction, margins.  Supports text, URL, tel no, SMS, vCard formats. Text barcodes can be up to a whopping 2,800 characters long.



This one has an insane number of features, yet is easy to use. As well as all the usual formats, you can encode virtually anything you can think of: Google Map locations, Bing locations, Android Wifi Network info, Android Market items, Youtube URLs, Tweets, Blackberry Messenger user, etc, etc.  Colours, sizes, error correction are all customizable. 2,800 character limit on free text. Worth playing with, just to blow your mind as to the range of things that you can do with QR Codes.



Something a bit different: a simple site that lets you create a barcode in almost all of the popular symbologies. Very easy to use and a good way to see the different variations available.

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