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News: QR codes growing, thanks to big retail players


Some big US retailers are introducing projects using QR Codes to promote their products:

Macy’s Backstage Pass campaign, which uses QR codes … and SMS texts to give consumers access to videos featuring star designers. It works like this: Shoppers download a QR-code reader, in this case one called ScanBuy. Then, using that reader, they snap a picture of the code, which triggers content to pop up.

David Downing, deputy director at the tourism group, said the use of QR codes resulted in the most-successful sweepstakes campaign it’s run. More than 20% of the 25,000 entries it received during a four-week period came directly from QR code scans.

Best Buy has also created a “Live Mobile Scan Map” at bbyscan.com/map which tracks the items scanned in stores across the country. Mr. Knisely said the company has even been experimenting with QR codes as a polling tool. A sign hanging in Best Buy headquarters asks employees to scan a code corresponding with how they’re feeling. One code is positioned inside an image of a thumbs up, the other a thumbs down. When the code is scanned, employees see how many others are in a good or bad mood.

Julie Ask, VP-principal analyst at Forrester Research, says there’s no rush when it comes to 2-D bar codes, though the environment is ripe for experimentation. “It’s interesting. It’s growing. And the analytics are good,” she said. “There’s no doubt that people are going to use their phones to engage more with the physical world. But there’s a lot of different ways you can do that. … Marketers are still mostly in the experiment stage and learning.”

It is an interesting read: once the big companies push QR Codes into the publish consciousness, it opens the door for everyone else to use this technology, without having to educate their customers.




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