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News: Personal QR Codes with built-in vanity Google search


Vizibility.com launches a new personal QR Code service: register with them and they will create a personal QR Code for you that you can add to your resume and business card.

The unusual part is that the QR Code contains an URL that points to a Google search for your own name, displaying the first 5 hits. Not surprisingly, they are all favourable.

Adding a QR code that links to your specific Google search results is one of the latest and greatest ways to create a multi-dimensional, technologically savvy resume. As we all know, job-seekers on the cutting edge are more memorable to hiring managers and recruiters, and that’s what the whole job search is about. Google me and remember me.

They give this example card:

Which, when you scan the card, give you the following google result:

Which looks quite impressive.  The owner of this business card is clearly an Important Person on the web, if the top five searchs for their name brings up such results.

It’s a little more complicated than that: the Google search itself is very cleverly tailored to ensure that only positive and personally relevant results appear; the actual terms that Google is searching for are:

+”James Alexander” AND +”ewatch” OR +”mibrary” OR +”adobe expert support” OR +”adobe ebook group” OR +”adobe type group” OR +”adobe framemaker” OR +”jupiterimages” OR +”vizibility” OR +”7743014″ OR +”7584411″ OR +”house judiciary committee testimony” -“geometry.net”  -“linda l. alexander”  -“coldwater creek”

Which is not to be surprised as Vizibility.com is a search engine optimization company. But there is no doubt that it makes an interesting first impression.

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