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News: iPhone most popular QR Code scanner


A small snapshot of the state of the userbase of consumer QR Codes:

According to a recent analysis by JumpScan, the leading social QR service, Apple’s iPhone outpaced Google’s Android by nearly three to one. The trend is based on a recent sampling of 5,000 scans from mobile devices. Blackberry came in a distant third, generating approximately 3% of the overall scans.

It should be noted that these stats are based on people who use the JumpScan service and there may be some bias because perhaps their typical user is more likely to be an iPhone user.
Jumpscan itself seems an interesting service – basically, it is an online profile that you complete and then a linking QR Code is generated to match your profile. If you want to share your details with others, they scan your personal QR Code and it takes you to your profile page.
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