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News: QR Codes in the Music Industry


A new company: sharesquare.com has obtained some startup funding for its QR Code-based promotional software for the music industry:

ShareSquare is a QR Code creation platform specifically for music and entertainment brands. With ShareSquare’s CMS, artists and promoters can deck out branded merchandise like posters, promos, flyers and even bumper stickers with QR codes corresponding to a custom HTML5 web app

Fans with a QR code scanner like RedLaser, can then scan the code to check out related content such as MP3s, music videos, contests and, eventually, make purchases.

The basic concept seems fairly simple:  see a poster of your favourite artist, scan the code and your phone is linked to the latest promotional material. Most likely the important part of this company is the backend: how you push this material to your fanbase and, more importantly, how you as a music company can benefit from it.

Gallica explains the challenges of the space,“Only geeks recognize what a QR code is. The big challenge in the space is that QR codes have a ton of things that you can do with them. Sharesquare is disciplined enough to focus on two verticals.”

Let’s wish them every luck with making QR Codes more popular and ‘cool’.

Their website is both slick and informative. If you are interested in this type of use, it’s worth a look.

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